Thursday, November 08, 2012

Dexter [7x01]

Dexter [7x01] Are you.....? rating- 8.6
RJG rating- 6

This sesons premiere for Dexter is definetely one of the most awaited one for fans.After Season 4's deadly climax ,Season 6's was just brilliant and certainly had put the audience intoa long wait for Season 7.
Unfortunately ,episode 1 was not upto standards.For the first time ,i felt as if they have finally reached a point where the writers must end the show before it just got horrible.Season 6 had left multiple storylines open for Season 7 ,but instead of continuing on them ,Episode 1 added some more to the wagon and completely brushed aside one (Debra's crush on Dexter)

All this might be too early to say about this season ,but as far as my rating for Episode 1 ,ill have to say it was definetely the weakest among any season openers.
The cliffhanger at the end was awesome ,but it was the same as of last seasons.Hope Dexter pulls off some amazing twists and saves this season before its all too late.
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