Monday, November 26, 2012

Twilight & Skyfall brush off new releases

1-Twilight 5 ,held on to its top place with $43million.The Twilight finale has become a huge hit and has already raked in $577million worldwide.Said to be the best movie of the Twilight series ,Breaking Dawn part 2 is catching up with its predecessors in the box office.

2-Skyfall ,stood strong in 2nd place with $36million.Skyfall has already surpassed a
ll the other 22 James Bond movies and is still going strong at the box office.The movie has made $221million domestically (2nd place is Quantum at $168million) .Worldwide it has made $790million (2nd place is Casino at $599million).As you can see ,Skyfall is miles ahead of its predecessors.

3-Suprisingly Lincoln not only overcame 3 new releases ,it also made more money than its first week.Lincoln made a strong $25million.The movie has already made $62million just from its domestic release ,and easily on course for $100million.

4-Rise of the Guardians ,the new animated movie from Dreamworks made $24million.ROG was expected to do a much bigger business but with its weak opening it looks like a big disappointment.The movie has got good reviews and is rated at 75%.Made at a budget of $145million ,ROG will find it hard to recover its budget especially with the neck to neck competition in the coming weeks.

5-Life of Pi didnt have much expectation in the box office ,but it yet remarkably well making $22million.The movie has got excellent reviews with many praising its breath taking visual effects and heart touching story.It is rated at 86% and is a guaranteed favourite among the Oscars voters..

The 3rd new release ,Red Dawn made it to #7 with $14million.Facing poor reviews and a weak debut ,Red Dawn is heading towards a flop.Its currently rated at 11%.

The next 2 weeks wont have many great movies due to the fact The Hobbit will be releasing soon.This week we have a crime thriller and a horror movie.My pick will be neither.Both are dull.Will rather see Rise of the Guardians.

The Collection: Sequel to the Collector (2009) ,the Collection brings back the notorious villain of the first movie.The movie is currently rate at 100% ,which is quite surprising since these type movies usually get rated less than 30%.The first part wasnt so great (30%) , but the concept was good.

Killing them Softly:Brad Pitt stars in this crime thriller about thieves ,robbing a casino game.The Mob sends Brad Pitt to sort things through.Im not a fan of Brad Pitt ,so i will be giving this one the skip.Initial reviews are highly positive ,and its currently rated at 92%
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