Monday, November 12, 2012

Skyfall conquers the US Box office in style.

1-As expected ,Skyfall not only topped the weekend but also scored the highest debut for a James Bond movie ever.Skyfall made $87.8million in the 3 day weekend ,a series high (Quantum is second with $67.5million).This is Daniel Craig's 3rd movie as Bond ,after the reboot ,Casino Royale ,and its sequel Quantum Of Solace.
So far ,Skyfall has made $90million in 4days in USA ,and $428million overseas ,for a grand total of $518million.The movie is set to outgross both Casino Royale ($594million) & Quantum Of Solace ($586million) in a matter of days to become the top grossing movie in the James Bond series.
Skyfall has been hyped as the best Bond movie in the 23 movie series .After gaining excellent reviews (91%) and now its grand debut ,the hype seems to be true.

2-Even with Skyfall dominating the box office ,Wreck It Ralph just dropped by 33% for a second week collection of $33million.The movie has been loved by the masses and is set to scoop the animation awards.The movie has so far made $93million domestically.

3-Like Wreck It Ralph ,Flight too stood steadily to make $15million.Made at a budget of $31million ,Flight has already made $47.7million through its domestic run itself.

4-Even after 5 weeks ,Argo still stands strong within the Top 5.The hostage movie made $6.7million for a domestic total of $85million.

5-Taken 2 kept its place from last week making $4million this time.The movie has scored $131million domestically & a worldwide gross of $348million.While Taken 2 has outgrossed Taken worldwide ,it still needs to make atleast $16million to outgross it domestically.

This week ,even James Bond will have to fight to stay on top.Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 will open along with Steven Speilberg's Lincoln.Breaking Dawn is all set to make a gigantic opening due to large number of Twilight fans gathering for the final part of the blockbuster series.Just a year ago ,Breaking Dawn Part 1 made $138million in the opening week .Its possible Part 2 can be much bigger than this.

But my pick of the week will definitely be Steven Speilberg's Lincoln.The biopic has already impressed critics ,and Daniel Lewis ,who plays Lincoln ,is a sure nominee for The Best Actor at all major Awards ceremonies in 2013.Lincoln is currently at 91%.
One movie that ill be sure never to watch will be Twilight:Breaking Dawn 2.Its an insult to the vampire genre and other chick flicks.
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