Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Two & a Half Men [10x03] Four Balls, Two Bats and One Mitt
TV.com - 7.5
RJG Rating- 7.5

Alan & Lyndsey think of having a threesome.

Although the first half seemed to be going towards another lame episode ,the second half single handedly saved the episode.The limited number of jokes managed to deliver and made a rare good episode for 2 men.

Arrow [1x02] Honor Thy Father
TV.com - 8.2
RJG Rating- 7

A businessman hires an assassin to take out Laurel.Oliver interferes.

The second episode of Arrow was interesting but not by much.Although it had some good scenes ,i felt they put a little too much of melodrama.Arrow needs some more work to be done ,but atleast its on the right track.

Walking Dead [3x03] Walk With Me
TV.com - 8.4
RJG Rating- 8

Andrea and Michonne meet an old 'friend' and a new community.
While this episode was great and yet another good episode for Season 3 ,i felt it was a bit dull ,mostly because this isnt a Rick-episode.But we finally get some excitement ,with the new character -The Governor.Walking Dead seems to be getting better and better.

Ghost Adventures [7x01] Central Unit Prison
TV.com - [unavailable]
RJG Rating- 7

The GA crew investigate the Central Unit Prison before its demolished.
One of the main issues with this lockdown was the fact that not much activity was reported in the first place.The reports did come from a parent of a prisoner ,but still i didnt feel it to be a strong reason.
The lockdown itself produced very vague findings.The second half got more interesting with Nick's strange behaviour and some impressive EMP readings

Modern Family [4x02] Schooled
TV.com - 5.9
RJG Rating- 7

Phil & Claire drop Hayley at her college.Cam & Mitch argues with a bully's parents.
Although it featured average comedy ,it was much more better than the first episode.The highlights were definitely Cam & Mitch's plot.

The Big Bang Theory [6x02] The Decoupling Fluctuation
TV.com - 8.2
RJG Rating- 7

Sheldon learns of a secret from Amy.
A decent episode from BBT ,although it wasnt that great.Although a big issue i had with the episode was that it hints at a breakup to be coming soon.Harold's sub plot was great though , and the comedy from the second half was great.

Middle [4x03] The Second Act
RJG Rating- 9

Sue mentors a freshman ,while Frankie loses her job

One of the most consistent comedy shows of recent times ,Middle delivers once again.The comedy was subtle and perfect and the cast did a great performance.
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