Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Insidious Sequel Confirmed

Insidious was one of the best horror movies of the last couple years.And today it was reported that a sequel of the movie will be made by the same director ,James Wan ,and will feature the same cast as well (Patrick Wilson ,Rose Bryne).The sequel, Insidious Chapter Two, is scheduled for release on August 30th 2013.
But this wont be James Wan only movie of the year.A month before the August date of Insidious 2 ,he will release his next movie The Conjuring,which is also a horror movie.The movie stars Patrick Wilson & Vera Farmiga as ghost hunters.And based on initial reviews from film festivals ,Conjuring is excellent !
Get ready for some summer horror flicks in 2013 ,thanks to James Wan !
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