Monday, October 08, 2012

Taken 2 makes a grand debut ,while Frankenweenie flops

1-The sequel to Liam Neeson's Taken ,made twice the amount its predecessor made in its debut.Taken 2 opened strongly with $50million even though the movie has got negative reviews from critics,Taken 2 is currently rated 19% .but the audience reaction has been above average and the movie is rated at 7.3 at IMDB.The movie which has been made at a budget of $45million is already reaping heavy profits.In its first week overseas it has already made $67million.

2-Falling to second place Hotel Transylvania made $26.3million.This is a good hold considering the new releases this week.The animated movie has made a worldwide gross of $105million.

3-Pitch Perfect climbed to the 3rd spot after its limited release last week.The movie made $14.7million in its 2nd week.The movie has been greeted positively by the critics ,with many praising its cast and the musical numbers.the movie has a rating of 76% and is expected to have a good hold at the box office in the next couple of weeks.

4-At 4th place is the sci-fi movie ,Looper ,making $12.2million.The critically praised movie (94%) ,has already made $40million in the domestic market from a $30million budget.

5-Frankenweenie tanked on its opening debut making just $11.5million.The Tim Burton directed animated movie had tough competition at the box office especially from the last weeks Hotel Transylvania and this weeks action movie Taken 2.Added to this ,the movie is a stop motion pic, made entirely in black and white.This failed to draw the audience in.But the movie has pleased the critics and is said to be a loving and heartfelt movie with the usual Tim Burton touch.The movie is currently rated 85%.

October is a festival for horror movies ,and after the comic horrors such as Hotel Transylvania and Frankenweenie ,get ready for some truly chilling movies in the coming weeks.This week we have Argo,Seven Psychopaths ,Sinister and Here comes the Boom.

Its a tough choice but my pick will be Sinister.Sinister is a horror movie about a writer, who discovers a box of videos in his attic.The movie has got some excellent reviews and is initially rated at 83%.
My second choice will be Seven Psychopaths.The crime comedy movie is again about a writer ,who is struggling to write a movie screenplay.The movie is highly praised at the film festivals and is rated at 96%.
My third choice is Argo.Ben Affleck is in a golden roll as a director.After gaining critical acclaim for movies such as Gone Baby Gone and Town ,Affleck's Argo too is making the critics go 'wow'.The movie is a true story about a rescue operation of hostages captured in Iran.The movie is rated at 95%.
The movie i dont mind missing will be 'Here Comes the Boom'.Kevin James (Zookeeper,Dilemma,Mall Cop) is a horrible actor and after seeing the trailer of this one it seems hes trying to enter the drama territory.I suggest you skip this for now,wait for the critics & audience reaction first.

Whats your pick & did you see Taken 2 ?
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