Thursday, October 11, 2012

LOTR : The Two Towers (2002)

[a perfect sequel to FOTR]

The Lord Of The Rings : The Two Towers (2002)
IMDB- 8.7 (Top 250 : #21)
Rottentomatoes- 96%
RJG Rating- 100

Frodo & Sam continue their journey towards Mordor.

Starring- Elijah Wood,Ian McKellen,Viggo M,Sean Astin,Orlando B,John Rhys,Andy Serkis
Director- Peter Jackson

The second movie of the LOTR trilogy gives more prominence to its supporting actors.Viggo,Orlando & John Rhys do a great job in the action sequences while Billy & Dominic (Merrin & Pippin) give a much needed comic touches.Elijah's role takes a darker turn while Sean continues to give excellent support acts.

But the show stealer was definitely Andy Serkis as Gollum.Motion capture tech was used to convert Andy's performance into Gollum ,and this was an important milestone in CGI history.Andy gives a fantastic performance & gives Gollum the perfect dual natured character it needed.

Two Towers directly continues from where it left off at the end of FOTR.Its much longer than its predecessor and follows 3 parallel stories of the disbanded Fellowship (Aragorn,Legolas & Gimli defending Rohan; Frodo,Sam& Gollum's trip to Mordor ;Merry & Pippin's meeting with the Ents).The extended version runs for more than 3 and a half hours ,and it does feel a bit stretched at some places.While Jackson does an incredible job in adapting the tale ,Two Towers does get a bit boring in the middle.With Aragorn & Frodo's exciting tales ,the slow parts (ex:Ent's entire story),drags the pace of the movie.But this is just a minor flaw.

All is compensated by the final battle of Two Towers -Battle for Helm's Deep.The action packed battle is a fitting climax and is considered to be one of the best battle sequences in movie history.

Jackson & crew continues their excellent work throughout Two Towers.The movie brings back the world they introduced in the first part and expands it beautifully.From the presentation to the epic battles ,the movie works beautifully.The CGI creation Gollum ,is still a standard for motion capture technology used later in movies such as Avatar & Rise Of the Planet Of the Apes.

On release ,Two Towers was appreciated worldwide and collected $926million worldwide.

Overall,Jackson has delivered another classic and a worthy sequel to FOTR.

Acting- 5/5
Story- 4.5/5
Direction- 5/5
Action- 5/5
Drama- 5/5
Visual Effects- 5/5

Academy Award-Oscars

Nominated-- 4
Best Film
Best Film Editing
Best Art Direction
Best Sound

Won-- 2
Best Sound Editing
Best Visual Effects
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