Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Developments in Hollywood

Bryan Singer replaces Mathew Vaughn in X-Men First Class Sequel.

Bryan Singer has officially replaced Vaughn in X-Men:Days Of Future Past.Bryan Singer had earlier been the producer for the sequel but now Vaughn will now be in the sequel just as the producer.Bryan has earlier directed the first 2 acclaimed X-Men movies, dropped out of the 3rd mov
ie ,and returned as a producer for First Class.Will this affect the movie and was Vaughn the right choice? Only time will tell.Meanwhile Mathew Vaughn will move on ,and be directing Secret Service ,which is based from a comic book by Mark Miller.

Disney acquires LucasFilm for over $4billion.

Disney bought George Lucas' film studio LucasFilm for $4billion.This is a big news considering it means Disney has now complete control over the STAR WARS FRANCHISE.Disney has already planned a Star Wars:Episode 7 to be released in 2015 and then launch 2 more to make it a trilogy.Disney has already bought Marvel Entertainment (Avengers) ,Pixar & now LucasFilms.

More Bad news from Community

The much beloved show has been more bad news.Season 4 of the show has had a string of bad news tailing it just like Season 3.First the creator ,Dan Harmon was fired.Next the October premiere date was removed thus putting the entire Season in a state of confusion.Now the new date has been revealed ,and its in February 7th 2013.
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