Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Argo finally tops the box office.New releases fail.

1-After 3 weeks of release ,Argo finally claimed the top spot.Ben Afflecks hostage thriller has been powered by excellent reviews and it easily defeated the new releases.Argo made $12million and has so far made $68million worldwide.

2-On second place was Cloud Atlas ,the Wachowski's movie based on the popular novel of the same name.Unfortunately it sank making just $9.6million.This is not a shocking news since Cloud Atlas is a hard pill to swallow and doesnt actually attract the casual movie goers.The movie revolves around 6 different stories and timelines ,160min long,and is also rated R.But it is overall a thought provoking movie for movie lovers rather than casual movie goers.The movie is currently rated at 63%.

3-Hotel Transylvania once again made a Top 5 appearance making $9.4million in its 5th week.The animated flick has made a worldwide gross of $222million and is Sony Animation Studio's highest grossing movie domestically beating their Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

4-Paranormal Activity 4 had a steep fall ,making just $8.5million (a 70%drop).Even though the movie has recovered its budget its still a big disappoint compared to the other Paranormal Activity movies.The movie has made a worldwide gross of $91.3million.

5-Silent Hill Revelation debuted at 5th place with $8million.Needless to say its another bomb.The movie has been universally panned and has a rating of just 06%.

The 3rd new release ,Fun Size was another bomb ,making just $4.1million and coming at #10.This was not helped by the below average reviews either ,it has a rating of just 27%.The 4th new release ,Chasing Mavericks too tanked heavily making just $2.27million and opening at #13.It too had below average reviews and is rated at 33%.

While Hollywood is just rolling around calmly under poor debuts ,a storm is brewing overseas.James Bond's 23rd movie ,Skyfall made $80.6million overseas.Skyfall opened at #1 in UK ($32.4m),France,Russia,South Korea,Brazil.Skyfall will release in USA only on November 9.

This week we have 3 new movies.The RJG pick of the week will be :
Flight-Flight is the first live action movie directed by Robert Zemeckis after Castaway.Starring Denzel Washington ,the movie is based on a true story of a pilot.The movie has been getting good reviews and is rated at 86%.Robert hasnt disappointed much in his movies ,and i think Flight will be a great watch this week.
Wreck It Ralph-This animated movie will be a sure hit.The movie has been getting good reviews and will be attracting both adults and kids since it brings back old video game characters back to the screen.Its currently rated at 78%
The Man with The Iron Fists-This is an all out action movie with some big stars.Russell Crowe joins RZA in this martial arts flick
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