Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The Dictator (2012)

[falls short of a laugh riot]

The Dictator (2012)
IMDB- 6.6
Rottentomatoes- 58
RJG Rating- 65

General Aladeen, dictator of Waadiya visits USA.

Starring- Sacha Baron Cohen
Director- Larry Charles

Sacha Baron & Larry Charles unite once again after Borat & Bruno to bring yet another outrageous character.The film unlike the previous is not a mockumentary.

Sacha Baron is the main highlight of the movie.He shoulders the entire movie from start to finish.Once again he succeeds in giving life to yet another wacky character in the lines of Ali G,Borat & Bruno.The supporting cast of Anna Faris & Ben Kingsley do good but they are overshadowed by Sacha.

Dictator's main highlight is Sacha ,and thats it.Everywhere else it doesn stand upto any mark.The story is okay ,but the way its presented is quite poor.Even though the concept is different from the usual fare, the story follows a predictable route.But it does succeed in bringing out controversial jokes.From start to the very end ,all jokes are offensive and highly controversial.It does have plenty of Borat type jokes ,though many miss the mark.

Larry Charles had a good idea at hand but in the end he fails to utilise them.The movie ends up being a series of skits rather than being a complete movie.The comedy isnt very funny ,yet it has its own charm (if you are fans of controversial comedy).Thankfully Sacha manages to keep the audiences entertained.

Overall,Dictator is a must watch for Sacha Baron fans ,while others may not find it to be very funny.

Acting- 4/5
Story- 3/5
Direction- 2.5/5
Comedy- 2.5/5
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