Monday, September 03, 2012

Possession tops Lawless ,TDKR enters the 1billion club

1-The horror movie ,The Possession took over the top spot with $17million.The true story may not have pleased the critics but it managed to draw in the audiences.The movie has a rotten rating of 35%.

2-Lawless made a weak debut with just $9million.The movie which is about criminal brothers against the law failed to attract the crowds.Lawless has been getting above average reviews ,many praising the acting department (Shia ,Tom Hardy,Gary Oldman) and the gritty tale.Its currently rated 65%.

-Expendables 2 made way to #3 ,with $8.8million.The movie has raked up $66million domestically and another $66million overseas in its 3 weeks.Even though the movie is said to be much better than the first part,it still is lagging behind its predecessor.

4-Bourne Legacy made $7.2million.The spin off has made $96million domestically and a total of $157million worldwide ,but it still lags behind the original series critically as well as financially.

5-The stop motion animated movie ,ParaNorman made $6.55million.The movie has made a total of $55million so far.

At #7 TDKR made $5.9 million on its 7th week pushing its domestic collection to $431million (#9 on all time lists).But as i mentioned earlier ,TDKR is doing very well overseas.The movie has made $574million so far overseas.This helped TDKR cross the $1billion milestone in worldwide collections.TDKR is now #12 on worldwide collections list with $1.005 billion ,overtaking its predecessor The Dark Knight ($1.003billion).With this ,Christopher Nolan has become the second director, after James Cameron(Avatar& Titanic) ,to have 2 of his films make more than a Billion dollars at the box office.Similarly ,Christian Bale now has 2 movies in the billion dollar club and is just behind Johnny Depp ,who has 3 (Alice ,PiratesOTC 2&4).

Meanwhile ,2012 Summer blockbuster winner ,The Avengers was re-released and managed to reach $1.5 billion.The movie is #3 on both domestic($620million) as well as on worldwide grossing ($1.502billion)lists.

Not many good movies this week.The Cold Light Of Day,The Words & The Bachelorette have already got below average reviews and dont look strong enough to make a good debut at the box office.
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