Monday, September 17, 2012

Resident Evil & Nemo brings some relief to Hollywoods bad run.

1-Resident Evil Retribution made $21million on its debut.This is the lowest opening of the series (excluding the first part).Like the previous films ,Resident Evil 5 failed to impress the critics scoring just 30%.

2-The 3D version of Finding Nemo made $16.7million to land on #2.The critical and blockbuster Pixar movie released in 200
2 ,followed the current trend of having classics converted into 3D (Lion King,Beauty & the Beast).But it failed to meet expectations with its quite debut.

3-Possession made way for the new releases and slipped to #3 making $5.8million.Made at a budget of just $14million ,the movie has already made $41million worldwide.

4-Lawless made $4.3million in its 3rd week ,bringing its total to just $30million

5-Expendables 2 tied with ParaNorman for the 5th spot making $5.1million.The $100million has now made $238million worldwide (66% from overseas)

TDKR fell out of the Top 10 lists on its 9th week ,making $2.1million coming at #11.The Batman finale has now made $441million domestically,and currently at #8 in the alltime domestic lists.With the extra push from overseas collection ($617million) ,TDKR has now made $1.05billion worldwide,coming at #9 in the worldwide lists.

Meanwhile The Master,was released in limited theaters and set itself a record for per theater average ($145,949).The critically acclaimed movie will be expanding to other theaters this week.

The main attractions of this week are Dredd ,End Of watch ,and House at the End of The Street .Out of the 3 ,Dredd has been getting very good positive reviews and is currently rated 90%.
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