Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Batman & Robin (1997)

[one of the worst movies in superhero history]

Batman & Robin (1997)
IMDB- 3.6
Rottentomatoes- 12
RJG Rating- 10

Mr.Freeze & Poison Ivy join hands to destroy the city of Gotham.Can the superhero duo ,Batman & Robin stop them in time?

Starring- George Clooney,Chris O'Donnell,Arnold Schwarzenegger
Director- Joel Schumacher

Joel Schumacher returns to the directors chair for the 4th part of the Batman series.Due to conflicts with Val Kilmer ,George Clooney replaced Kilmer as Batman.

George Clooney as Batman is a miscast.Clooney takes the role for granted.As Bruce he fails to display the charm or the loneliness of the character and also fails to give Batman the gritty nature.Chris O Donnel as Robin is unbearable.Arnold as Mr.Freeze adds to the list of troubles.His one liners and wooden performance are horrible.Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy is even more worse than Arnold.

The story for Batman&Robin is just terrible.Its a sort of parody that just never ends.The dialogs are cheesy and over the top.It doesnt have a proper start and leads to a brainless plot and ends with even more mindnumbing stupidity.

Joel Schumacher displays his worst side with this movie.Its hard to believe that a person could take such a superhero to such a level of disgrace.Joel's mind is split as to whether he wants more of comedy or drama.So we have lame jokes as batman bidding with a "Batcard"(??!!) and boring scenes of Alfred on his deathbed.
Also Joel's style of direction takes Batman into a ridiculous low point.Nipples on the batsuit & closeups of butts is just annoying.On top of this we have ridiculous bat gadgets making sudden appearances ,reminding one of the outdated 60's Batman TV series.

There was an overload of characters in this movie.And very poor origin stories for them all.The character of Bat Girl wasnt even necessary and it just caused for a bunch of unwanted scenes.The action scenes were all very poor.And it was just too evident that the set pieces used were miniature toys.

Batman & Robin was a hit but was universally panned.The negative response for the movie was so strong that Warner Bros. put an end to the Batman series and stopped all future plans.It was so bad that even the director and the cast, later admitted that Batman & Robin was a mistake.

Overall ,Batman & Robin is a big waste of time.Its outdated and cliched and just plain ridiculous.

Acting- 0/5
Story- 0.25/5
Direction- 0/5
Comedy- 0.25/5
Drama- 0.5/5
Action- 1/5
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