Monday, August 20, 2012

Expendables under performs ,yet tops the office.

#1-This weeks new release was the much anticipated action flick-The Expendables 2.Even though it united a much bigger cast than last time,it failed to top its predecessors 2010's opening of $35million.Expendables 2 made $28.7million .On a more positive note ,the sequel even though didnt offer anything new other than the cast, has been collecting better reviews than the first.Its currently rated fresh at 67%.

-Bourne Legacy fell steeply in its 2nd week, making just $17million.

#3-Opening at the 3rd spot was the animated movie -Paranorman.The claymation movie made $14million in its first week.Even though its opening is below average ,the movie has been getting some fine reviews.Its rated at 88% .

#4-Campaign fell from the second spot to #4 ,earning just $13million.

#5-Sparkle ,the 3rd new release of the week made $11million.The movie which is about an aspiring singer has been getting average reviews,its currently rated 58%.

TDKR slipped 40% on its 5th week to make $11million and fall to #6.This has pushed the movie's domestic total to $409million (#12 on all time domestic list) and also overtook The Hunger Games domestic collection to become the #2 movie of 2012.The overseas collection of TDKR surpassed that of TDK easily, showing that the movie is comparatively weak just in the domestic market.TDKR has made $488million overseas so far ,for a total collection of $898million (#22 in the all time lists).

The new movie to release this week will be Premium Rush ,a thriller movie starring Joseph Gordon.
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