Monday, August 13, 2012

Bourne & Campaign take down TDKR.

Both new releases make a good opening and gain above average rating.

1-Bourne Legacy,the spin off series from the Matt Damon starer Bourne series opened at the top spot as expected with $40million.But it has been getting average reviews and currently holds a rating of 53%.

2-The Campaign,a comedy movie starring Will Farrell, too opened decently with $27.4million.The political comedy also stars Hangover's Zach Galifiankis.Campaign has been getting above average reviews and holds a rating of 67%.

3-After 3 weeks of domination ,TDKR finally stepped down to #3 earning $19million in week 4.The epic finale has so far made 390million domestically(#15 in domestic list) and 445million overseas for a grand total of $835million (#40 in worldwide gross list).

4-Hope Springs ,the 3rd new release of the week made $15million.The comedy movie about older couples stars Meryl Streep & Steve Carrell has been getting positive reviews and has a rating of 72%.

5-Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3 made another $8million in its second week.The movie is a hit but lags behind its predecessors.

Total Recall is at #6 with $8million.The movie made a sharp fall and is heading towards a huge flop.

As summer heads towards a close ,the biggest action star studded movie makes the entry- Expendables 2 !
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