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Oblivion (2013)

[a good sci fi timepass]

Oblivion (2013)
RottenTomatoes- 54%
RJG Ratings- 55

after defeating an invading alien army ,a lone soldier is left guarding the Earth. 

Starring- Tom Cruise ,Andrea R ,Olga K ,Morgan Freeman
Director- Joseph Kosinski

Tom cruise is the main pillar of this movie and he gives a good performance.His youthful looks and years of experience allows him to breeze through this movie without any issues.His charisma and screen presence ,completely overshadows everyone else.Morgan,Olga and Andrea give good supporting roles.Andrea, a comparatively  a new actress, stood out among the supporting cast.
Chemistry between Tom and Olga never actually took off as the movie expected ,it was weak.

The story had a good concept ,but somehow fell apart towards the end.It didnt have a proper finishing touch and doesnt tie up the loose ends.While the climax had a pretty great twist ,the movie stumbles plenty of time prior ,that you dont get the expected punch.The first half left me wanting to see more of the aliens but the movie changes tracks to a more disappointing alternative in the second half.Also the trailers were all pretty spoilerish. 

Direction by Joseph is good.While he has a good eye for the setting and the visuals, he lets the story part slide.But Oblivion was a much better attempt by him compared to his previous movie, Tron Legacy,which had all visuals and a boring story.The pacing of the movie was good.

The visual effects were perfect ,blending naturally into the background.But it would have been great if the story had little more scope to compliment the visuals.

Overall, Oblivion is an time pass movie.Tom Cruise fans wont be disappointed.But the movie doesnt leave a memorable mark on your minds like other sci-fi movies.

Acting- 3.5/5
Story- 3/5
Direction- 3/5
Action- 4/5
Visual Effects- 4.5/5
Thriller- 3.5/5
Drama- 2.5/5
Romance- 2.5/5

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