Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Grown Ups 2 (2013)

[one of the worst movie ive seen in years] 

Grown Ups 2 (2013)
IMDB- 5.2
Rottentomatoes- 08%
RJG Ratings- 0

story - (empty)

Starring- Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade
Director- Dennis Dugan

[A small disclaimer before i start:I sort of enjoyed Grown Ups 1.If a guy who thinks GU1 was ok ,and considers GU2 terrible ,you can just imagine how bad GU2 truly is.Back to the review...]

Grown Ups 2 is just terrible.Ive never seen such an idiotic movie with so many A-list actors.Everyone sucks.Be it Adam Sandler ,who just walks through this movie without a sense of character or anything.Its just him being him ,but with added stupidity.Its also strange that this is his first sequel in his 20+ long career.
Kevin James proves once again he doesnt know anything ,when it comes to acting.Its pathetic to watch anyone from this movie show their face on screen.Out of work actress ,Salma Hayek ,doesnt manage to add anything into this mess.Chris Rock has some moments ,but its all wasted effort.

The story! I kid you not ,theres NOTHING!Its so blank ,that i forgot i watched this movie the next day!The movie just rambles on with mini skits which are utter lame.Whatever main plot the writers think they had in mind is nothing but stuff that lasts for just 5-10min of screentime.Its interesting it took 3 people to write this half page story.Theres no driving force that warrants a sequel.Each character is given some small dilemma ,and with that in the background ,they add all sorts of lame jokes.From start to finish ,its plain STUPID.

The comedy is pathetic and are at the heights of lameness.There is no excuse for this sort of crap.The first scene is of a deer who urinates on Adam.I hope it happens to him in real life.Theres absolutely nothing even remotely funny in GU2.Stuff like 'Burp Snart' (burp-sneeze-fart) and other toilet humour is the only type jokes you can expect from this movie.

Dennis Dugan ,the director who keeps Adam Sandler's career alive, is one terrible director.GU2 is even worse than his previous bomb ,Jack and Jill!The movie doesnt even have one link between it that connects the story.I have seen 20min TV shows that have more story than this movie.

This is one of the most obvious cash grabbing movies ive ever seen.Just take a look at that poster!Its as if Sandler himself made it.The movie reaks of cheapness.

Overall ,GU2 is terrible.Even if you liked movies such as GU1 or Zohan or any other usual crap from Adam Sandler ,GU2 is worse than all of them.Its that bad!

Acting- 0/5
Story- 0/5
Direction- 0/5
Comedy- 0/5
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