Sunday, September 01, 2013

3 BIGGIES OF September

3 BIGGIES OF September

August couldnt shine ,with just Worlds End managing to impress critics.September and October will be dull months with just a couple interesting movies.Here are the 3 anticipated movies of September!

Riddick -SEPT6
story-the 3rd film from the Riddick series,follows Riddick as he is abandoned on a planet on which lethal predators hunt him down.
+seems to be satisfying for fans of the previous 2
-the Riddick series isnt too great.The first was average,the second was worse.And i dont have much hope for this one.The cheap visuals didnt seem to attracting judging by the teaser trailer.

Insidious Chapter 2- SEPT13
story- This movie continues from the events of Insidious.
+ Part 1 was great and the director is returning for this one too.James Wan tasted success with Conjuring ,and he seems to be in great form.
- sequels are always a dangerous territory,theres a huge chance that the story is subdued.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2- SEPT27 (lack of details)
story- Flint discovers that his machine is still working and is now making food-animals. (animation)
-Marketing for Cloudy is really low ,and theres zero buzz about it.

If i had to pick one ,i would say im most excited for Insidious 2
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