Friday, August 09, 2013

VHS-2 (2013)

[much better than the first part]

VHS-2 (2013)
IMDB- 6.4
Rottentomatoes- 69%
RJG Rating- 65

story- 5 Directors ,5 Horror Stories

Directors - Adam Wingard,Eduardo Sánchez&Gregg Hale,Gareth Evans,Jason Eisener,Simon Barrett

Acting overall is below average.All are newbies and first timers ,so nothing much can be expected of them.And plus ,being a horror movie ,all they need to do is scream and die.The worst of the lot ,was Phase1:Clinical Trials.Acting was just completely horrible.

VHS 1 was horrible,but managed to make enough profits to get a sequel.Even though i didnt expect anything from the sequel ,i was surprised at the quality.

Phase1:Clinical Trials-This one is about a guy who gets an eye fitted with a camera for an experiment.It had a good concept ,but thanks to the horrible acting and stupid gimmicks ,the story completely unwinds towards the end.The movie was directed and acted by Adam Wingard (VHS1).It had a slow start and an absurd end.
(story-1.5 ,direction- 2, horror- 3/5)

Ride In the Park -This one was about a cyclist who encounters Zombies.Concept wise it wasnt too clever and it seemed to be trying to get scares just through the gore aspect.The ending was vague and didnt make much sense, but somehow it did wrap up the story nicely.It wasnt scary and had a bit of a tiring repetitiveness to it ,initially.It was directed by Eduardo Sánchez and Gregg Hale (of The Blair Witch Project).
(story-2 ,direction- 2, horror-0/5, gore-3.5/5)

Safe Haven -Now this one was the BEST.This segment was about a group of reporters interviewing a cult leader.From start to finish it was exciting and the end was chilling.Made by Gareth Evans (director of the brilliant Raid Redemption) ,he nicely balanced the cheap aspect of the movie ,vagueness ,and delivered a story that was really horrifying.The camera settings were good and wasnt a hindrance.
(story-4.5 ,direction- 5 ,horror- 4/5, gore-4/5)

Slumber Party/Alien Abduction -This one is what the title is about...Slumber Party ,Alien Abduction.It was ok.The shaky cam was horrible ,and so was the cheap costumes.But it had the scare factor and concept wise was pretty ok.It was directed by Jason Eisener (director of Hobo With a Shotgun).It had bit of a slow start but thankfully it gets rolling quickly
(story-3.5 ,direction-3.5 ,horror- 3.5/5)

Tape 49-This is the main story ,which has 2 investigators ,checking an abandoned house full of tapes.The start was slow ,but it had a good punch at the end.Its directed by Simon Barrett (VHS1).It had a slow start but was much better than the main story of VHS1.The twist at the end was pretty solid too.
(story-3 ,direction- 3, horror- 3/5, gore-2/5)

Overall ,VHS2 is much better than its predecessor in terms of quality.It might not be the best horror movie you might have seen ,but its worth a watch if you are horror fans ,especially the segment Safe Haven.

Acting- 2/5
Story- rating given above
Direction- rating given above
Horror-rating given above
Gore- rating given above

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