Friday, August 30, 2013

Now You See Me (2013)

[over the top , empty vessel]
Now You See Me (2013) 
IMDB- 7.3
Rottentomatoes- 49%
RJG Rating- 20

4 magicians use their audience to rob a bank.Is it real or just a trick?

Starring- Mark Ruffalo,Jesse Eisenberg,Woody Harrelson
Director- Louis Leterrier

Now You See Me has one of the best cast of recent times.Mark Ruffalo (Hulk from Avengers) ,Jesse Eisenberg & Woody Harrelson (Social Network and Zombieland),Morgan Freeman & Michael Caine (Dark Knight) ,Mélanie Laurent (Inglourious Basterds) ,Isla Fisher and Dave Franco. And what happens when you pile up so many good actors? You fall flat on your face.

All these actors go so over the top ,that at a point its unbearable to watch the movie.Jesse was the most annoying.His only talent here was to talk fast and thats all he does.Its time he selects more diverse roles.Woody & Mark play characters that are so poorly drawn up that they just end up acting below par.Morgan & Caine can be excused for sleep walking their way through this movie.Isla Fisher is another wasted actress in this movie.The only one that is worth watching is Dave Franco.

The story is one that fills up the crazy plot with really fantastical magic tricks.The problem here is that the writers dont know what the difference between magic tricks and actual magic are.Much of the plot is progressed with the help of real magic ,which is quite baffling since this is a movie about 4 street magicians.Well one of them atleast is a hypnotist who seems to have actual powers at times.

The story has trouble defining what it really is.At times its about magic ,at others its about a heist.And its better we dont talk about the heist, because thats another totally lame idea.Character development is utterly pathetic.While focusing on the 4 magicians at the start of the movie,it leaves them all of a sudden and focuses on the cop played by Mark Ruffalo.

The logic behind actions is completely missing and its extremely hard to connect with any of these low IQ characters.The movie tries so hard to act like a very intelligent magic movie ,without doubt it fails!

Direction was poor.Louis Leterrier does make a stylish movie with a well established cast, but the poor story and direction wastes the potential.On a positive note ,the action sequences were fun and the fight/chase scene between Ruffalo and Franco is a big highlight.

My frustration with the movie reached a peak with the finale and the twist.Both which were completely idiotic.The entire movie leaves you with plenty of questions ,for which finding answers will be a vain attempt.

Overall ,Now You See Me is plain nonsense and crap ,but its a timepass watch if you can switch your brains off.

Acting- 1/5
Story- 0.5/5
Direction- 1/5
Action- 3/5
Drama- 1.5/5
Suspense- 2/5
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