Monday, August 19, 2013

Butler kicks Ass and others

Butler kicks Ass and others

#1- Lee Daniels' The Butler ,made a good debut with $25million.The dramatic movie about the African-Americans during 1960's.The true story got positive reviews and was praised mostly for its star cast ,which includes ,Forest Whitaker,Oprah Winfrey,Terrence Howard and more.The acting was able to cover up the uneven story.The movie currently has a rating of 72%.
With a budget of just $30million ,Butler is already clear from danger.

#2- We're the Millers ,made a strong hold ,falling just by 35% ,making $17.7million.The movie has so far made $69.5million ,which is double its budget of just #37million.

#3- Elysium had a bad week crashing by 55% ,to making just $13.6million.This is not too good for the movie as its way short of its budget of $115million even with the overseas collection.So far the movie has made $93.6million ,and with new releases piling up ,Elysium will find it hard to recover.

#4- Kick-Ass 2 had a good first day ,but crashed immediately.The movie struggled with just $13.5million ,and with a budget of $28million ,Kick Ass 2 will have to really rise up in order to avert another disaster.
The first movie was a near flop ,but somehow managed to recover its costs.The good reviews helped it attain a cult status which later led to the sequel.
But now the sequel is performing poorer than the first part ,and with negative reviews pouring in ,its possible that this could be the end of the Kick Ass series.The movie is currently rated 28%.

#5- Planes braved through the tough week and managed to stay within the Top 5 ,making $13.1million.The animated movie managed to recover its $50million budget this week.

The rest of the movies on the Top 10 ,all suffered as well.Percy Jackson 2 continued to fall ,and is still $15million off from its budget.
Jobs ,the hyped Steve Jobs biopic ,failed to rally enthusiasm ,making just $6.7million.The movie was met with negative reviews ,and is rated 25%.Complains ranged from over the top scenes to poor direction.
The 4th release of the week ,Paranoia bombed at the box office ,barely managing to make #3.5million.The movie was universally panned getting just 04%.The surprising thing is its powerful cast which includes Gary Oldman & Harrison Ford.

2013 Top 5
#5-Man Of Steel -$648million
#4-Monsters University -$658million
#3-Despicable Me 2-$781million
#2-Fast & Furious 6- $785million
#1-Iron Man 3 -$1.212 billion (#5 on all time grossing list)

The animated movies are making a huge takeover on the Top5!While Monsters University overtook Man Of Steel for #4 ,Despicable is just a couple million away from overtaking Fast 6 to become the #2 movie of the year!

This week we have one teen movie ,one horror ,and one comedy.....

Youre Next- This horror movie has been gaining a lot of hype since its release it movie festivals some years back.The movie is about a house invasion.The movie has gotten good reviews ,and is currently rated 87%
RJG says WATCH IT ,if you like horror movies with plenty of gore and torture.

The Mortal Instruments:City of Bones- This is a teen fantasy movie, about a girl who finds she is a descends from a line of magical warriors.Although reviews arent out ,i dont think this is worth a watch unless you are a fan of the novels its based upon.

And that brings us to RJG PICK OF THE WEEK----

The World's End- AUG23
story- 5 childhood friends have a reunion and go on a long pub run.
+ The brilliant team of Edgar Wright ,Simon Pegg & Nick Frost are back after Hot Fuzz & Shaun Of the Dead.The movie has got really good reviews and is rated at 93%.

So whats your pick of the week?

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