Monday, August 26, 2013

Butler dominates on slow week ,JURASSIC PARK enters the BILLION CLUB!

Butler dominates on slow week ,JURASSIC PARK enters the BILLION CLUB!

#1- Even with 3 new entries this week ,Butler had no issue on staying on top.With $17million ,the movie continued its good run and has now earned $52million from domestic markets alone.This is similir to 2011's Help ,which we nt on to become a huge success.

#2- One of the biggest surprises of August ,We're the Millers ,came second for the 3rd week in a row!Making $13.5million this weekend ,the movie has now made a world wide gross of $114million ,80% of which is solely from domestic ,which in turn shows that the movie has enough potential to hit huge once it opens to more markets overseas.

#3- The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones ,the latest teenage romance/fantasy ,opened to just $14million.The Twilight wannabe crashed hard as it failed to draw in the fans of the novel its adapted on.Not helping its cause was the horrible reviews it racked up.Scoring 13% ,critics thrashed the movie for being unimaginative ,and ridiculous.With a budget of $60million ,Mortal Instruments better pray the overseas helps it or else its another huge flop.

#4- World's End too didnt find a grand debut ,but its predecessors (Shaun & Hot Fuzz) didnt have big debuts as well.So an opening of just $8.9million is a high for the series.Worlds End is undoubtedly one of the best comedies of this year ,and critics have been praising it all week.With a score of 90% ,its a must watch.
With a small budget of $20million Worlds End had no issue in recovering it ,as it already has made a worldwide total of $25million.

#5- Planes made a decent $8.5million.The animated movie recovered its budget of $50million ,with a worldwide gross of $77million.

Youre Next ,the 3rd new release of the week ,missed the Top 5 ,even though it was widely thought it would debut at #1.The horror thriller has been tagged as one of the best horror movies of this year ,and critics have given it 80% as well.Being a small budget movie its sure to recover soon.

The big news of the week was the new entry to the BILLION DOLLAR CLUB!It took it around 20 years to do so ,but Jurassic Park has finally made it! With $1.004 billion ,its now the 17th highest grossing movie of all time.Thanks to the 3D release back in April ,Jurassic Park needed around $80million to reach the milestone,and in 4months it did.

2013 Top 5
#5-Man Of Steel -$649million
#4-Monsters University -$686million
#3-Fast & Furious 6- $786million
#2-Despicable Me 2-$805million
#1-Iron Man 3 -$1.213 billion (#5 on all time grossing list)

On the Top5 ,Despicable Me2 finally overtook Fast6 to become the #2 movie of the year!Meanwhile Monsters is a $100short of Fast 6 ,can it beat it?

This is another slow week for movie goers.Opening this week are 2 movies that dont look any good.

One Direction- The movie that takes a look at the teenage band's instant rise to success is definitely just for fans.Others can SKIP IT.

Getaway- Starring Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez ,this movie seems to be a rip off other time based thrillers.But chances of it being truly good is very  very low.Skip it till you get some reviews.

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