Friday, August 02, 2013

Avatar Updates

AVATAR...The highest grossing movie of all time and the one that single handedly made studios go crazy for 3D will be returning with not one nor two ,but 3more sequels!
James Cameron has been working on the sequel since 2009 ,and now news is that he has approached couple of writers to help him complete the stories of the 3 remaining movies.
Cameron who has told that the Avatar movies will be his last set of films he will be directing ,is planning to shoot all 3 simultaneously ,that is back to back ,and have them release one year at a time.
Fox Studios announced the supposed released dates for the upcoming sequels.
AVATAR 2- Dec 2016
AVATAR 3- Dec 2017
AVATAR 4 (prequel)* - 2018

*Avatar 2&3 will be continuing the story of the first movie ,but Avatar 4 ,is said to be a prequel movie ,telling the story of how Pandora was colonized.

Any Avatar fans excited?
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