Monday, July 29, 2013

Wolverine tops but not by much

Wolverine tops but not by much


#1-Wolverine opened at the top with $55million ,which is below expectations.Initially it was thought the movie had the prospects to debut with a strong $80million ,but it was not to be.But Huge Jackman's 5th movie as the superhero Wolverine, in a major role, wasnt a complete failure.the movie racked up good reviews ,and is currently at 67%.Critics were pleased with Jackman and also with the the story content.This is a big improvement over Wolverine's previous movie ,Origins ,which was a disappointment to all.
The movie doesnt have much to fear as it already recovered its budget of $120million.With overseas collections amounting to $86million ,the Wolverine has packed a decent $141million.Considering the lack of any huge threat ,in the coming weeks ,Wolverine can be expected to make a good stand.

#2-Making way for Wolverine ,Conjuring was satisfied with $22million.The movie has been making a solid hold ,and is slowly turning out to be a huge hit.The movie has so far made $96million and is still running strong.

#3-Despicable Me 2 continued to be a blockbuster ,as it made $16million on its 4th week.The movie is a gigantic hit ,collecting $661million worldwide!The movie easily crossed its predecessor and crushed its rival, Monsters University.with ease.But things may weaken once Smurfs2 drops in this week.

#4-The animated movie Turbo tried its best to stay in the competition.The movie made $13million ,bringing its worldwide total to $97million.Turbo is still in the danger zone ,as its budget is $135million ,and the competition of this week (Smurfs2) is bound to kill this movie.

#5-Grown Ups2 had a minor tumble ,making $11.5million.The movie is safe as it somehow has managed to survive all the horrible reviews thrown at it.Making $116million worldwide ,Grown Ups 2 is another poor quality-Adam Sandler Hit.

2013 Top 5
#5-The Croods -$582million
#4-Man Of Steel -$636million
#3-Despicable Me 2-$660million
#2-Fast & Furious 6- $741million
#1-Iron Man 3 -$1.211 billion (#5 on all time grossing list)

Despicable Me 2 easily swept past Man Of Steel to enter the Top 3 Movies of the year.The movie has enough power to even overtake Fast Furious 6!

This week ,i advice you all to take a rest ,or watch wolverine or any other movie.Because this week we have one new movie--Smurfs 2.Its first part was universally panned ,and im pretty sure this one is none the better.Its a dumb-kiddish movie and thats all it is.And if initial reviews are to be believed ,its going to be rated below 20%.

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