Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Troy leaves Community hanging

Whenever i update any news about Community ,its always bad news.This is one show that constantly followed by bad luck.The latest bad news for Community fans is about Donald Glover who plays Troy Barnes.
Its being said that he will be appearing in just half of the episodes of the next season of Community!Considering Community was renewed for a new season of just 13 episodes ,Troy will appear in just 5 episodes.Donald is said to be doing this so that he can concentrate more on his upcoming music career.This is a major blow for the show.

As you might remember,Chevy Chase left the show last year mid season.Unlike Chevy's character ,Pierce Hawkthorne, Donald's Troy is a much beloved character and holds a prime spot in the Study Group.With his departure theres sure to be a huge hole and only God knows how Dan Harmon is supposed to cover it up.

Community has been struggling to stay on air ,ever since Season 2.Even though the show has gained critical appreciation ,the low ratings keep it in the chopping block.Every season its renewed is met with a huge sigh of relief and is usually considered to be its last.So for now ,it can be said Season 5 is the end of the show ,and itll be sad to have Troy play a minor role in the shows final season.

Heres a quick recap of events from Community.
-Dan Harmon (the creator) is fired for arguing with Chevy Chase.New directors are brought in for Season 4.
-Season 4 is postponed by 4months.
-During the shooting of Season 4 ,Chevy Chase leaves the show mid season.
-Season 4 is poorly received and is considered to be the worst in the shows history.
-In a stroke of good luck ,NBC renews Community for a 5th season but only with 13 episodes.
-Dan Harmon is rehired to manage the show once again.
-Donald Glover to appear in just 5 episodes.
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