Friday, July 19, 2013

News from Entertainment World -Tom Hanks,Spiderman and more

1- Tom Hanks is set to return as Robert Langdon ,the famous character from Dan Brown's novels.Although its not for The Lost Symbol (the 3rd novel featuring Langdon) ,but for Inferno (Dan's 4th novel in the Langdon series).
Inferno was released this year and as usual featured some controversial subjects ,this time being about Dante's legendary poem ,"The Divine Comedy".
Sony has announced a date for the movie ,December 18, 2015 ,and hopefully will bring back director Ron Howard as well.
Tom Hanks & Howard were to reunite for The Lost Symbol ,but due to unknown reasons ,the production was delayed and now its shelved.

2-Paranormal Activity 5 ,to be postponed to next year.After the failure of the 4th part and due to the high competition during the October-November time ,PA5 is thinking of shifting the movie off to January  2014.With movies such as Counselor (Ridley Scott) ,Oldboy ,Carrie & Enders Game ,the chances of PA5 to be a disaster was almost certain.Especially with the poor content and the way the franchise has turned rotten ,it seems to be a wise move.Theres no news about PA5 as of now,no news about whos directing or starring or whats it even about.

3-Neill has confirmed that he is working on the script to District 10,the sequel to his grand debut back in 2009 ,District 9.The climax of D9 ,left the viewers in a sort of cliffhanger and anxiously waiting for more.

4-Fast and Furious 7 is being directed by James Wan (Insidious 1-2 ,Saw ,Conjuring).James promises to take the franchise in a totally new direction with a revenge fueled story.

5-Hans Zimmer has been revealed to be the music director of The Amazing Spiderman 2.Even though the movie has garnered very poor set of news with its casting and story ,Hans Zimmer's addition might be a bright spot for the sequel.

6-Initial reviews for The Wolverine has not been too great.Reviews have all been average ,and it has a rating of 56% currently.

7-New Posters
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