Saturday, July 06, 2013

Evil Dead (2013)

[cliched and least horrifying]

Evil Dead (2013)
IMDB- 6.8
RottenTomatoes- 63%
RJG Ratings- 45

5 teenagers visit a cabin in the middle of the woods ,where they find signs of witchcraft.

Starring- Jane Levy,Shiloh,Lou Taylor
Director- Fede Alvarez

Acting is below average.All are relatively new actors.They dont manage to bring the audience into the movie's worlds ,and neither are they very likeable.Its the usual set of cast that are present in most horror movie ,and they die in that order too.

The story for Evil Dead runs somewhat similar to the original 1981 movie.But just like the original ,this story is better suited to the 80's than the present.Almost every action of the characters are either dumb or have been done a million times in other horror movies.For ex:A satanic book ,found in a place where witchcraft has been practiced,has warnings saying not to be read.So what does the nerd guy of the group does?He takes an extra effort to write them down and read it out loud.
The writers havnt even thought of updating the script thats so outdated.Last years "Cabin in the Woods" was excellent because they did something new.

Another flaw is the lack of humour.The original movie escaped cliches and ridiculousness mainly because there was humour backing it up.The new version takes itself too seriously and ends up being ridiculous.

The direction was ok.The movie doesnt drag too much but its a dull experience sitting through this movie.After boasting that "this movie is the most terrifying movie youll ever see" on all their ads ,i expected some good horror.Unfortunately horror factor is pretty low.The scares are the same old gimmicks and arent too creative.Its really surprising on how poor its horror was.Aside from 2 or 3 quick flashes of torn faces ,Evil Dead can barely scare anyone.On the upside,the climax was good and gave the movie some redeeming factor ,but its too late to save the movie.

Like the original ,the movie has plenty of gore scenes.Cutting tongues in half,ripping off faces and more.But for some reason it doesnt really scare you.

Overall Evil Dead is a very poor remake,and also a very poor horror movie.Give it a watch if you are into bloody horror movies ,if not skip it.

Acting- 2/5
Story- 2/5
Direction- 2.5/5
Horror- 1.5/5
Gore- 4/5
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