Monday, July 15, 2013

Despicable survives Grown Ups ,but Pacific falls

Despicable survives Grown Ups ,but Pacific falls

#1-Despicable Me 2 made a strong stand against the new releases and managed to come on top.It made $43.8million ,in its second week.So far the sequel has been a giant hit for Universal Studios.From a budget of just $76million ,the movie has already made a worldwide collection of $471million ,and has already tied up with Monsters University to be the biggest animated movie of this year.

#2-Sadly Grown Ups 2 also proved to be a bigger success than its predecessor.Making $41.5million ,Grown Ups 2 had no problem getting the crowds in.But like most Adam Sandler movies ,this too is a TERRIBLE movie.The critics panned it ,giving it just 06%.Making it this summers worst movie ,overtaking Shyamalan's After Earth.

#3-Pacific Rim was the real loser of the week ,falling behind Grown Ups.Although most expected it to suffer bigger losses ,it somehow managed to keep the hope up ,making $37million.For a movie with a huge $190million budget ,this is way too short ,but its hope now is on the overseas collection.So far from over seas it has made $53million ,bringing in a grand total of $90million.
Critcs were pleased with the movie ,and gave it 71%.Most said it was definitely trying to be more stylish rather than pack in a good story.But it was still a fun summer movie with its high dose of epic fantasy ,battling robots and sea monsters.

#4-The Heat wasnt affected much by the top 3 ,as it made $14million ,bringing its worldwide total to $128million.The movie still lags behind Bridesmaids and this years Identity Thief.

#5-Lone Ranger crashed down heavily as it barely managed to make $11million.This is a very steep fall and confirmed Disney's (its producers) fear that Lone Ranger is another massive flop for the studio.So far the movie has made a worldwide total of $119million.

2013 Top 5
#5-Oz The Great and Powerful -$491million
#4-The Croods -$581million
#3-Man Of Steel -$619million
#2-Fast & Furious 6- $704million
#1-Iron Man 3 -$1.211 billion (#5 on all time grossing list)

On the top 5 news ,Fast 6 crossed the $700million mark ,while MOS became the 3rd biggest movie of 2013.

This week is a packed one.4 big movies go head on head.So which one is My Pick ??? First my analysis on the 4:

Turbo (JUL17) (Animated)
story-A snail gets super speed powers after getting into contact with some chemicals.It now aspires to compete in a car racing event.
- a snail competing in a car racing event? ,it looks to be just for kids

R.I.P.D. (JuL19)
story-a dead cop joins a team of dead cops ,called RIPD (Rest In Peace Dept) ,to capture his murderer.
+ Jeff Bridges & Ryan Reynolds are there in this movie
- just read the synopsis above,its terrible! the trailers were boring ,looks like a ripoff of Men In black.Jeff Bridges goes way way over the top, judging by the trailers.

Red 2- JUL19
Story-Frank brings together his team to track down a stolen nuclear device.
+ original cast of Bruce Willis,Mary Louise,Malkovich,Helen return.
- Itll be a hard task to replicate the fun of the first.Filling the movie with too many stars can be too much for the movie to handle.

The Conjuring- JUL19
story-2 paranormal investigators investigate their last suspected haunting case.
+its directed by James Wan of Saw(the first one) and Insidious fame.The initial response has been awesome.
-horror movies have not been upto any good standards this year,and theres a chance that Conjuring too will fall for the usual cliches.

Im a big horror fan ,and Conjuring is by James who has dished out some good horror flicks.Initial reviews have been highly positive.
My second pick will be RED2,it looks fun but i doubt whether itll be great as the first one.
BUT PLEASE SKIP Turbo and RIPD! Save your money.Both these Ryan Reynolds movies look terrible and are up to no good!

So whats your pick of the week?
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