Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Two and a Half Men [Season 10]

Two and a Half Men [Season 10]
RJG Rating- 5/10

story-Walden breaks up with Zoe.Alan & Lyndsy break up as well.Jake falls for older women.Its basically the same thing happening over and over throughout this season.

The previous season was the worst one in the shows history ,and my hopes for Season 10 was not very high.But somehow ,S10 turned out to be pretty average (which is a good thing compared to previous seasons).
Ashton's character was much better developed this time and Alan's progression into a gay character was put on hold in the second half of the season ,thankfully.The downsides are the lame jokes and dumb situations.Jake has been turned into a cameo and the show can safely be called 2Men from now.Jake's character had some interesting developments but hes not a regular anymore (except the 15sec Skype call).
The show will obviously return for another season ,but i still say it should get cancelled.
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