Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Superhero Sequels

Sometimes producers get over enthusiastic about stuff and just go nuts making sequels even before the actual movie is released.Its a big gamble ,but its also inevitable.

Man Of Steel 2 - 2014
Amazing Spiderman 3 - June 10th 2016
Amazing Spiderman 4 - May 4th 2018

Recent rumors are saying that not only is Man Of Steel sequel green lit ,its supposed to release NEXT YEAR!Zack Snyder (director) ,Goyer (story) and Henry Cavill (actor) are all said to be ready for the sequel ,but isnt it too soon?
I loved MOS ,and i think a sequel should definitely come out ,but only after proper planning and not a rushed attempt.Quality is ruined if the producers rush the director for a sequel.A sequel should be one that takes the series to the next level,for MOS its tough considering how high it went with the first movie itself.
For example Nolan took his time to create the Dark Knight trilogy which released in 2005,2008,2012.And each movie had a high standard of quality and outdid its predecessors.

With Justice League (A DC equivalent to Avengers) planned initially for 2015 ,its important for a DC movie to bridge the MOS series to JL.But in my opinion a sequel to MOS should be out only in 2015 or later.Justice League cannot be rushed either,it should be out after 2017 at the minimum.

On the other hand we have the Amazing Spiderman franchise that has released the dates for a 3rd AND a 4th part! Considering only the first part has been released ,that too to just above average reviews ,Sony is piling too much hope on the Part 2's performance.
In my opinion ,from the various set pics and cast ,Amazing Spiderman 2 doesnt look good.
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