Monday, June 10, 2013

Rock for Hercules

Dwayne Rock is taking up yet another awesome role.....and its HERCULES!

Directed by Brett Ratner ,the movie will be based on the graphic novel -Hercules: The Thracian Wars.Check out the official synopsis :

"Haunted by a sin from his past, Hercules has become a mercenary. Along with five faithful companions, he travels ancient Greece selling his services for gold and using his legendary reputation to intimidate enemies. But when the benevolent ruler of Thrace and his daughter seek Hercules’ help to defeat a savage and terrifying warlord, Hercules finds that in order for good to triumph and justice to prevail… he must again become the hero he once was… he must embrace his own myth… he must be Hercules. "

I dont like the sound of this at all.First its by Brett Ratner ,secondly the story sounds so cliched.Third ,the writers have removed any sort of supernatural stuff.This is an obvious attempt to make Hercules more human ,but come on! Hes a God! This is like replacing Conan (the barbarian) with Hercules. (which actually makes sense)

The movie set to release on July 25, 2014 ,and will most probably put an end to Rock's golden streak of success.
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