Monday, June 24, 2013

Monsters kick out Zombies & Superheroes

Monsters kick out Zombies & Superheroes


#1-Monsters University made a solid debut as it opened with a powerful $82million.This is the 4th highest debut for a animation movie with only Toy Story3,Shrek2&3 ,making bigger openings.MU made $54million overseas to bring its worldwide total to $136million.
MU is the prequel to Pixar's classic Monsters Inc (2001) ,and follows the story of how Mike & Sully met.Critics were pleased with the result and MU has been getting good reviews.The movie has a rating of 77% which in Pixar levels ,is below average.
Excluding MU ,in Pixar's 13 movies ,only 3 movies have got a rating below 90% ,Cars 1&2 [74%&39%] and Brave[78%] ,and all 3 were a far cry from the usual Pixar standards of quality story telling.
MU's reviews pales in comparisons to previous Pixar classics ,but its definitely this years best animation movie (so far).

#2-Brad Pitt returned to big budget action movies ,with his World War Z ,the latest zombie apocalypse movie.The movie made a powerful $66million domestically and $45 overseas ,to make a worldwide gross of $111million.World War Z's budget of $190million looks to be easily recoverable considering the big opening.WWZ's opening is the highest debut for a zombie flick (Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead held that record for almost 9years with a distant $26million) ,and also Brad Pitt's highest weekend debut.
Reviews for the movie was average with a rating of 67%.WWZ's altering its source material (the novel its based upon) and its uneven plot is the major criticism.Although the action and Brad Pitt's acting is praised.

#3-Man Of Steel had a steep fall of 65% as it stumbled to $41million in its second week.But with a world wide gross of $398million ,the movie has safely recovered its budget and might be able to cross $600million if it doesnt lose steam this week.
MOS has now become the highest grossing Superman movie ,beating 2006's Superman Returns ($200million).

#4-This is the End held on making $13million ,bringing its total gross to $57.7million.For a small budget movie ,TITE is a big success.

#5-Now You See Me stuck around making $7.8million in its 4th week.The movie has so far made a worldwide gross of $134million.

2013 Top 5
#5-Star Trek Into Darkness -$430million
#4-Oz The Great and Powerful -$491million
#3-The Croods -$577million
#2-Fast & Furious 6- $645million
#1-Iron Man 3 -$1.207 billion (#5 on all time grossing list)

This week is going to be another action movie oriented one.And i must admit both dont look to be any good.One is an action comedy,The Heat, and the other an all out action movie,White House Down.My pick of the week is....WHD

White House Down- JUN28
story- after a group take over the White House ,a Secret Service Agent must rescue the President.
+ Stars Channing Tatum & Jamie Foxx who are both on a good run.
- its directed by Roland Emmerich ,who is known more for his liking of destruction rather than a good story.

Heat on the other hand is directed by Paul Feig ,who directed the superb Bridesmaids.The Heat stars Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy.The trailers havnt been too funny and i think this will be a disaster.
As for WHD ,its directed by Roland (2012,Day After Tomorrow) and could be entertaining.

What your pick?
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