Saturday, June 29, 2013

Latest reports from AmazingSpiderman2

Amazing Spiderman 2 is one sequel that is piling the story with major characters.Other than the main 2 leads ,Peter Parker/Spidey and Gwen from the first movie ,we have Mary Jane and 3 villians Electro ,Harry Osborn ,Rhino.

Mary Jane's addition to the story was a bit weird considering ,Peter-Gwen relation was just starting off by the end of the first movie.But now Shailene ,who plays Mary Jane ,revealed that her scenes were being cut from the movie.As of now ,its not sure whether Shailene is being dropped from the movie completely,or if her scenes are being transferred for the Amazing Spiderman 3.

As one character is dropped off ,another was sort of revealed! Felicity Jones joined the cast for a role that has not yet been revealed to the public.But in a recent interview ,she mistakenly "sort of" admitted that she was going to play Black Cat.The best way to describe Black Cat is, she is a Marvel version of DC's Catwoman.Sometimes a villain ,sometimes a heroine ,Black Cat is in the grey area.

So it takes the number of villains in the sequel to 4 ,which i think is the most number of villains in a superhero movie (except the X-Men series).And as time has told us ,if a movie exceeds 2 villains ,its headed towards disaster.
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