Monday, May 20, 2013

Trek falls short [May17-19]

Trek falls short

#1-As expected Star Trek Into Darkness grabbed the top spot with $70million ,but this was way below expectations.The movie was expected to make atleast more than $100million.Star Trek is now in a bit of a muddle as it needs to score a powerful second week to keep from being an overall disappointment.Even though the movie had enough juice in it ,and was loved by the majority ,it was the tight competition that ate into Star Trek's collection.
The critics praised the movie for its amazing action sequences ,and the performances of the actors.The movie is currently rated at 87%.
Star Trek is doing a good job globally as well ,as it collected $80million from its debut.As of now ,the movie has made $164million from its budget of $190million.

#2- Iron Man 3 ,continued to fall in a consistent manner ,as it fell by 50% again to a 3rd weekend collection of $35million.The movie has been a roaring hit ,as it crossed the billion mark last week.With $337million from domestic ,and $736million from overseas ,IM3 has made a gross total of $1.073billion ,which ranks it at #9 in all time grossing list.Its next targets are last years Skyfall & TDKR ,and will most probably end its run at #7.

#3-The Great Gatsby too suffered a 50% fall ,as it made $23million.Gatsby is safely out of harms way ,as it has managed to collect its budget of $105million.Gatsby is a low grossing movie for both Leonardo as well as director ,Baz Luhrman.With bigger competition arriving this week ,Gatsby will soon shut down.

#4-Pain & Gain continued to scrape off the leftovers of the box office.Making $3million ,the action movie has so far made $46.5million solely from the domestic market.

#5-Croods made a surprise entry back into the Top 5 by trumping over 42.Croods made $2.75million ,for a overall collection of $550million ,which is the 2nd highest of 2013.

2013 Top 5
#5-A Good Day to Die Hard -$303million
#4-G.I. Joe: Retaliation -$358million
#3-Oz The Great and Powerful -$488million
#2-The Croods -$550million
#1-Iron Man 3 -$1.073 billion (#9 on all time grossing list)

This week we have more blockbusters lined up! And this time its going to be a face-off between two beloved franchises! Hangover & Fast Furious!

First my analysis from earlier this year:

Fast and Furious 6
story- Dom & Team is called upon to nab Letty's gang.
+ the original cast is back after the successful Fast Five.Action Scenes look amazing.
- Chances of repeating the success of Fast Five is a hard task to pull off.The synopsis doesnt sound too fresh.

The Hangover Part III
story-no wedding or bachelor party ,this time the guys go on a road trip to Tijuana.
+looks to be different this time.
- The second part was huge disappointment critically and theres no guarantee whether the third will be any good.the second ruined all the goodwill of the first part.

Which is the RJG PICK OF THE WEEK ? -----Its definitely Fast & Furious 6
Fast Furious is promising some kickass action scenes and some edge of the seat sequences.With a positive rating of 78% ,it seems FF6 is worth watching.
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