Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Trailer Update


Wow!! We have an excellent trailer over here! And that too for Elysium.

Elysium is the much anticipated movie from the director of District 9.Neill Blomkamp had made a powerful impact in modern sci-fi movies with his 2009 movie ,Districy 9.It took a very difficult topic and mixed it with a very non-typical alien story.With a small budget Neil had wowed critics and viewers alike with his movie. Even with such amounts of success Neill took his time to create another sci-fi meets realistic topics with Elysium. Cant wait for this movie!!

[The concept looks a little bit like this months,Tom Cruise starrer ,Oblivion.But in my opinion ,Elysium looks way better]

Hunger Games Catching Fire

Only God Forgives (read description below ,before you just skip it)

For those of you who dont know ,Only God Forgives is the new movie which brings back the director-actor duo of Ryan Gosling & Nicolas Winding ,who made a huge impact with their 2012 movie ,Drive.
Watching the trailer it gives me a familiar sense of Drive along with a strong feeling of some classic Korean flicks.
The synopsis is as follows -
Julian ,the owner of a Thai Boxing club (which is actually a cover up for a drug business) ,is sent by his mother to avenge his brother's murder.
The movie is set for release on July 9 2013 ,and is one of my 46 anticipated movies of 2013!(

The World's END
Edgar Wright brings back the guys for his trilogy ender of popular genres remixed! SHaun of the Dead was a zombie parody ,while Hot Fuzz was a cop whats World End? watch the trailer to figure it out!
(i hope noone has trouble watching msn ,ill update with a youtube link when its available)

Starring George Clooney & Sandra Bullock ,the movie is about two astronauts lost in space....slowly floating around.
Directed by Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men and Harry Potter 3) ,i will say that i have no interest in these 3 people.The trailer looks okay ,but we are most likely going to see some long winded drama.
What you say? Is Gravity interesting ?

Man OF Steel !!! Its a bit long ,but its worth It !!!Check it out NOW!!
ITS epic!!!! Amazing soundtrack from Hans in the background! We might have a successor to Nolan's Batman after all!

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