Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Zoe in Guardians ?

Guardians of Galaxy gets its 3rd star.And this one is a bit more well known.

Zoe Saldana is in negotiations for the role of Gamora!After Chris Pratt got Star-Lord and Dave Bautista got Drax the Destroyer ,Zoe is being considered for the sole female lead of Gamora.

Zoe is not unfamiliar with playing galactic characters.Shes already played Neytiri in Avatar & Uhura in Star Trek (not to forget that shes reprising her roles in 2more Avatar sequels and also stars in the Star Trek sequel).Although it hasnt been confirmed from Zoe's side ,its almost a 70% chance that shes already hooked.

Gamora is a green skinned alien ,who is the adopted daughter of Thanos (the villain seen at the end of Avengers).But shes also part of the superhero group called the Guardians of the Galaxy which consist of Star Lord ,Drax ,Groot ,Rocket Raccoon.And according to the latest version of the comic book ,Iron Man will also join the group
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