Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Special 26 (2013)

[an entertaining heist movie for Bollywood ]

Special 26 (2013)
IMDB- 8.0
RJG Rating- 90

A group of con artists plan to make their final heist.

Starring- Akshay Kumar,Anupam Kher ,Manoj Bajpai
Director- Neeraj Pandey

The acting from the main actors are excellent.Akshay Kumar gives a very balanced act in the movie.Just like in OMG ,he gives his supporting actors enough room to shine ,while charming his way through the movie.Anupam Kher is as always brilliant.Hes at ease and his switches from the meek character to the authoritative figure is awesome.Manoj Bajpai steals the show plenty of times with his well drawn up character.Jimmy Shergil gives a good role as well.The only real disappointment was Kajal Agarwal ,who seems an unnecessary addition to the movie.

The story for S26 is sharp enough for a smart heist movie.The first half is smooth but the second becomes partially predictable and the end ,does open up a couple plot holes.But for a Bollywood movie ,this is more than enough for a fresh watch.
All characters are well drawn up and their personalities are nicely highlighted.The dialogues are another major plus point.The only bump was Kajal's character which seems to have been forcibly pushed into the story for the want of a heroine.

Direction is excellent.Neeraj Pandey presents the movie in a completely unique style that gives the subject of the movie more prominence.It successfully brings the viewer into the 80's time period.Although the movie is presented in as dramatic way as possible ,theres enough comedy to keep all entertained.The lack of silly gags make the comedy even more appreciable.The pacing of the movie was steady ,but the inclusion of unnecessary songs slowed the movie at times.

Overall ,Special 26 is definitely worth a watch.Its entertaining and enjoyable.

Acting- 4/5
Story- 4/5
Direction- 4.5/5
Drama- 4.5/5
Comedy- 4/5
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