Monday, March 11, 2013

Oz creates magic at the Box Office.

Oz creates magic at the Box Office.

#1- Oz The Great and Powerful made a powerful opening on its debut with $80million.This is definitely 2013's first real blockbuster (the last one was Hobbit in Dec 2012.)Directed by Sam Raimi and starring James Franco,Mila Kunis ,Oz is a prequel to the classic ,The Wizard of Oz. The reviews have been average though.Franco is being said to be a wrong choice ,and the visual looks go over the top some of the times.The movie has a rating of 61%.
The movie had a solid oversees debut as well with $70million.Oz's budget is $215million ,and it still has a lot of ground to cover.

#2-Jack The Giant Slayer had a steep fall as it slumped to #2 with just $10million.So far the movie has managed to make just $44million domestically and $22million overseas ,making a grand total of $66million.With a budget of $215million ,Jack The Giant Slayer is already 2013's biggest Flop.

#3-Identity Thief continued to make a solid stand.The movie made $6million in its 5th week.The movie is a surprise hit of 2012 ,making $118million from a budget of just $35million.

#4-Dead Man Down the second new release this week ,tanked at debut.Making just #5.3million ,the movie doesnt seem to be strong to keep a hold.The negative ratings did no help either.While the cast was praised ,the dull pace and unwanted twists made the movie look good outside but half baked inside.

#5-Snitch made $5million in its 3rd week.For a movie that was destined to flop badly ,Snitch has somehow floated long enough to make a decent gross of $31million ,solely on domestic market.The Rock magic still shines in 2013 i guess !

This week we have 2 interesting movies.A thriller and a comedy.But my pick of the week will be.....

1-The Incredible Burt Wonderstone -This comedy stars Steve Carrell ,Steve Buscemi and the whacky as always ,Jim Carrey.The trio are amazing comedians and it will be a treat to watch them.The movie is about 2 magicians in Las Vegas ,who begin to face competition from a street magician (Jim Carrey).The current rating of the movie is not very good though.Its rated at 46% ! Still ,this is RJG's PICK OF THE WEEK!

2-The Call ,is a thriller-drama movie starring Halle Berry.The movie is about a 911 operator who gets a shocking call from an abducted girl.The movie seems to be good and i recommend this one if you dont like comedy ,or are in the mood for something good.No reviews have been posted so,The Call is still a mystery card.
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