Monday, March 18, 2013

Oz continues to make magic.

Oz continues to make magic.
[Mar 15-17]

#1-Oz stuck on to its spot spot on its second week making $42million.The movie had a great week overseas as well.So far the total gross of the movie is $281million and is heading towards a big total.

#2-The Call made a surprise takeover as it beat its competitor Burt.The thriller starring Halle Berry made $17million.The low budget thriller (made at just $13million) wasnt expected to make such a good opening ,especially since it had late marketing and R rating.The movie didnt even please the critics.With a negative rating of just 40% ,it makes Call's success a even bigger achievement.

#3-The movie that was supposed to trump over The Call ,flopped heavily.The Incredible Burt Wonderstone barely made $10million ,which is a poor debut for a movie starring comic geniuses Jim Carrey & Steve Carrell.The movie has been getting poor reviews as well and is currently rated at 38%. Critics say Burt is just a one time watch.

#4-Jack the Giant Slayer ,is still holding up and trying to save some of its dignity but its all over for this one.The movie made a poor $6.2million ,bringing its worldwide total to $76million.Made at a budget of $195million ,Jack's failure is a BIG blow for its producers.Its turned out to be even a bigger failure than last years John Carter.

#5-Enjoying itself at the box office ,Identity Thief made $4.5million bringing its worldwide tally to $125million.Identity turned out to be a surprise hit like last years Ted.

This week theres a heavy inflow of movies ,but all are below average considering early reviews.But still ,my pick of the Week is....

1-Admission.This is a comedy starring 2 brilliant comic stars ,Tina Fey & Paul Rudd.The story is about a romantic comedy about a college Admissions officer.Initial reviews have been average (50%) ,but being a fan of Tina & Paul ,Admissions ,is RJG's PICK OF THE WEEK.

2-Olympus Has Fallen has some solid stars such as Gerard Butler ,Aaron Eckhart & Morgan Freeman.The movie is an action packed political thriller about the White House being captured by terrorists.Theres not much reviews and the marketing hasnt been too strong.On top of all this Gerard Butler is having a very very poor run at the box office.His last 5-6 movies have flopped.I would recommend this movie for those who dont like comedy and just want to see some thriller action.

3-The Croods is an animated movie about a bunch of cavemen.Lead by Nicolas Cage (who is currently one of the fallen from grace stars) ,Croods has to be seen only after proper reviews are out.Initial reactions have been positive ,praising the animation but story is said to be dull.
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