Monday, March 04, 2013

Hollywood suffers yet another dull week.

Hollywood suffers yet another dull week.

#1-Jack the Giant Slayer topped the box office with $28million.But the bad news is that this is way below expectations.This big budget movie was made at a whooping budget of $195million.The movie is heading towards a major disaster ,if it fails to spark interest in the overseas market.
The average reviews didnt help its cause either.With a rating of 52% ,the critics were satisfied with the lead actor ,Nicholas Hoult ,but its visual effects and dull story failed to impress.

#2-Identity Thief ,continued its steady hold with $9.76million.Identity has so far been the biggest hit of 2013 ,with a domestic collection of $107million and counting.

#3-21 & Over was another disappointment.The movie was a direct rip off Project X and barely made $9million.The movie got negative reviews ,and currently is rated at 31%.The similarities to Hangover & Project X and its predictable and lame jokes didnt fare too well with the critics.The movie is heading towards the Flop region.

#4-The low budget ,The Last Exorcism Part II failed to make an impact ,grossing just $8million.The movie has been getting negative reviews and is rated at 13%.The movie is said to be better than its first part but the bad reputation of recent hand held horror movies caused Part 2's failure.But with its small budget of $5million ,Part 2 has already made profit.

#5-Snitch had another poor weekend ,as it just made $7million.The Rock action movie has so far made $24million.

Meanwhile The Hobbit Part 1 has crossed the 1 Billion Dollar Milestone !The movie made $301million domestically and $700million overseas.This makes Peter Jackson the third director after James Cameron & Christopher Nolan to have 2 movies make $1billion.Jackson's epic Lord of the Rings finale ,Return of The King was his first movie to make 1billion.At that time (2003) Return of the King was the 2nd movie to cross the milestone ,Hobbit Part 1 is the 15th.

This week we have 2 interesting movies- Dead Man Down & Oz .But my pick of the week will be:-

Dead Man Down - A surprise pick this time.Dead Man Down has not got much marketing but it is directed by Niels Arden (director of the original Girl in the Dragon Tattoo) ,plus has strong leads in the form of Colin Farrell ,Noomi Rapace ,Terence Howard & Dominic Cooper.The story is an action-crime-revenge movie and the trailer was pretty good.So Dead Man Down is RJG PICK OF THE WEEK.

Oz The Great and Powerful- The possible winner among the two new releases is Oz.Directed by Sam Raimi and starring James Franco ,Mila Kunis ,Oz will be a direct pick for the family audiences.The visuals looks great.But i have a feeling it might be following in the steps of the dull Alice In Wonderland.My opinion ,is wait for the reviews before watching this one.
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