Friday, March 15, 2013

Guardians of the Galaxy gets its Drax

And its going to be played by Dave Batista.If you are wondering what is Guardians of Galaxy , you can consider it as one of the prequels to Avengers 2 (more details on the movie ,at the bottom.)
Batista is a very popular WWE wrestler and is the longest-reigning World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history.How does that make him any good as Drax? I have no idea.
Drax the Destroyer should have got an actor not a wrestler.Unlike Rock ,Batista has appeared in just couple of movies and that too just as a one battle villain.This also gives us an idea of what the director has in plans for the movie.Like in the movie Thor ,Drax would form the background character who mumbles some lines and mostly gets attention when the fights starts.In my opinion ,this is a very poor choice for Drax.

GOG is about a team of superheroes who protect the galaxy.Led by Star Lord (Chriss Pratt) ,son of a human mother and an alien,hes a charming troublemaker who serves as an interplanetary policeman.GOG also consists of-
-Drax The Destroyer (Dave Batista),a superhero born when his human spirit was placed inside a powerful alien body.Drax's arch enemy is Thanos*
-Gamora is an alien warrior and adopted daughter of super villain,Thanos*.
-Rocket Raccoon ,is the guardian of a sector of outer space.Hes a master tactician and commander and he also happens to be a raccoon.
-Groot, is an alien tree ,that first appeared as a villain ,but later on became a member of GOG after SHIELD captured him.His powers include ,controlling trees and other such tree related stuff.

(*Thanos was the villain that was shown during the credits in Avengers)

The movie is set for release on August 1, 2014.It will be directed by James Gunn ,who earlier made 2010's Super.
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