Thursday, February 14, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

[an intense movie ,with a powerful climax]

Zero Dark Thirty (2012)
IMDB- 7.7
RottenTomatoes- 93%
RJG Ratings- 95

The story behind the biggest manhunt in recent history

Starring- Jessica Chastain
Director- Kathryn Bigelow

Jessica Chastain gives a powerful lead in Zero Dark Thirty.The whole movie is carried on her shoulders and she delivers a fantastic performance.Over the last 2 years she has been part of a series of good movies ,ranging from Tree of Life to Lawless ,and its easy to see why Jessica is able to carry Zero Dark Thirty by herself.The supporting cast do a great job as well.The acting is on the spot.

The story of Zero Dark Thirty is a very integral part of this movie.Any mistake here ,and the entire movie would have suffered.But theres no such problem.The story paints a picture thats completely makes the running time of 157min justified.Its smooth and the way it connects with major events is nicely pieced together.Full marks to the writer ,Mark Boal.

One thing that i noticed from Scene 1 of Zero Dark Thirty is how well its directed.Kathryn Bigelow brings in the same realistic setting she had used in Hurt Locker ,and puts Zero Dark Thirty into a higher scale.Her direction is what gives this movie a sense of perfection.The much awaited climax is worth the wait and it puts the viewer right into the midst of the manhunt.

Theres very little to complain about ZDT.This isnt the exact true story ,but it does its utmost best to be as close to the truth as possible.The only downside i felt was that it was too convenient of a clue they found ,which is the core factor that leads to Osama.But this is debatable since ,it could have happened considering its highly based on the real deal.

Overall ,Zero Dark Thirty is an engrossing movie ,and a must watch.It gives you an idea how such missions works and the climax is worth the wait !

Acting- 5/5
Story- 4.5/5
Direction- 5/5
Thriller- 5/5
Action- 4/5
Drama- 4/5
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