Monday, February 04, 2013

Warm Bodies makes a warm debut

Warm Bodies makes a warm debut[Feb 1-3]

#1- Warm Bodies made a strong opening (for a February release) with $19.5million.The zombie movie was strengthened by good reviews which praised its unique concept and sweetness.The movie currently has a 77%.

#2-Hansel & Gretal fell as expected and landed second with $9.2million.The fairy tale adaptation has already made $96million worldwide recovering its budget of $50million in just 2 weeks.This is impressive considering it has been getting poor reviews from both critics as well as from the audience.

#3-Silver Linings Playbook continued its strong hold with $8million.The movie has been performing quite well and has crossed $100million worldwide.

#4-Mama made $6.7million in its 3rd week.The horror movie has been staying strong and has so far made an impressive $58million domestically ,and is the 4th highest grossing horror movie in the last 5 years (overshadowed only by the first 3 Paranormal Activity movies).

#5-Even though it started strong ,Zero Dark Thirty continued its downfall making just $5.3million in the weekend.The movie was expected to easily cross the 100million mark when it first showed impressive openings in limited theaters but in the last 2 weeks ,ZDT has been losing audience steeply.The movie has made $77million domestically so far.

The curse of the Expendables continued as Sylvester Stallone's Bullet to the Head flopped.In the last couple weeks ,Expendable stars such as Arnold's Last Stand and Jason Statham's Parker flopped.Bullet to the Head turned out to be more worse than those two making just $4.5million.The movie failed to impress the critics also.It has a rating of 46%.

The Stand Up Guys was a bigger dud and failed to open even in the Top 10.The Al Pacino movie opened at #17 with barely $1.5million.With poor reviews and zero marketing ,the movie was destined to die.It has a rating of 36%.

Meanwhile ,Skyfall overtook The Dark Knight Rises to become the #7 Highest Grossing Movie Worldwide.The latest James Bond movie has made $1.093billion in 12 weeks.This is far as James Bond will go in the list as its next target is quite unattainable - Lord Of the Rings 3- $1.119billion

Next week we have 2 extreme genres opening - One a comedy and the other a crime drama.Which is my pick of the week?

Identity Theft- Im choosing the comedy movie this week.Identity Theft is directed by Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses) and stars 2 great comedy stars ,Jason Bateman (Arrested Development) & Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids). Although it doesnt have much hopes of becoming a great comedy movie ,its trailers do look great. Identity Theft is My Pick Of The Week.

Side Effects- This is a strong movie,directed by Steven Soderbergh (Contagion ,Oceans 11 ,Che 1&2 and loads more) ,and this is also reported to be last.The movie also has a strong cast of Channing Tatum ,Rooney Mara,Jude Law & Catherine Zeta Jones.With an initial rating of 92% ,this sounds to be an excellent medical thriller.But i wasnt a fan of his earlier medical thriller,Contagion ,so ill just wait for the reviews first.But if you like thriller more than comedy ,this will be a good watch.
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