Sunday, February 03, 2013

The ABCs of Death (2013)

[disgusting and stupid]

The ABCs of Death (2013)
IMDB- 5.7
Rottentomatoes- 77%
RJG Rating- 05

26 short movies by 26 directors that deal with death.

Staring- Various
Director- Various

Acting in these movies cant be judged much ,since theres absolutely very few minutes that include the art of acting.All were amateurs and no one actually made a mark.

From 26 movies/clips ,you would expect a good number of them to hit the mark ,especially considering horror aspect works exceptionally well in short duration.But unfortunately if you see this movie expecting horror or good film making ,you are in for a huge disappointment.The 26 clips are arranged according to the alphabet and heres my short review on each of them.

A is for Apocalypse ( movie-1/5 ,gore-1/5)
B is for Bigfoot ( movie-2/5 )
C is for Cycle ( movie-2/5)
D is for Dogfight ( movie-4/5)
E is for Exterminate ( movie-2/5)
F is for Fart ( movie-0/5)
G is for Gravity ( movie-0/5)
H is for Hyrdo-Electric Diffusion ( movie-0.5/5 )
I is for Ingrown ( movie-0/5)
J is for Jidai-geki ( movie-2/5 ,comedy-3/5)
K is for Klutz ( movie-2/5 ,comedy-1.5/5)
L is for Libido ( movie-3/5 ,gore-3/5)
M is for Miscarriage ( movie-0/5)
N is for Nuptials ( movie-3/5 ,comedy-2.5/5)
O is for Orgasm ( movie-0/5 )
P is for Pressure ( movie-4/5 ,gore-4/5)
Q is for Quack ( movie-2/5 ,comedy-2/5)
R is for Removed ( movie-1/5 ,gore-3/5)
S is for Speed ( movie-1/5)
T is for Toilet ( movie-1.5/5 ,horror-2/5)
U is for Unearthed ( movie-2/5 ,horror-1/5)
V is for Vagitus ( movie-2/5 )
W is for WTF ( movie-0/5)
X is for XXL ( movie-1/5 ,gore-3/5)
Y is for Youngbuck ( movie-0.5/5 )
Z is for Zetsumetsu ( movie-0/5 ,gore-2/5)

Other than a select few such as Dogfight and Pressure the rest score only on gore factor.And out of the remaining 24 ,majority make no sense at all.As you can see ,none even qualify as horror movies.The makers think horror only contains just gore and nudity.A big fail.

The direction of most have been worst.Out of the bunch ,only Pressure has been made with any sense at all.The main directors of the movie ,or whoever had the idea of ABCs have failed miserably.Movies like Fart,WTF ,Ingrown make you go 'what just happened there?'. Writing a disclaimer saying they had no say in any of the clips is a poor excuse.

Overall ,ABCs is a good idea gone rotten.Skip it and forget it.

Acting- 1/5
Story- 0.25/5
Gore- 4/5
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