Monday, February 11, 2013

Identity Thief grabs the spotlight

Identity Thief grabs the spotlight

[Feb 8-10]

#1-Identity Thief debuted at the top spot with a solid collection of $36.5million.Directed by Seth Gordon of Horrible Bosses ,Identity has done remarkably well.The only competition the movie faced was the winter storm,Nemo , in North America.On the other hand the movie hasnt managed to make the critics happy.Scoring just 24%, only Melissa & Jason's performance was appreciated while the story was deemed a rip off other comedies.The movie has already recovered its $35million budget and considering its good start its expected to be another big hit ,following last years Ted.

#2-Warm Bodies made $11.5million bringing its worldwide total to $45.3million.The movie is doing a good business and with its fresh concept ,its bringing in the crowds.

#3-Acclaimed director Steven Soderbergh's final movie before retirement ,Side Effects ,turned out to be a disappointment.The movie just managed to make $10million.The medical thriller was praised by critics for its twist filled story.The movie has a fresh rating of 86%.

#4-Silver Linings Playbook had another good week making $6.9million.The movie is holding strong and is inching its way to a domestic gross of $100million.Currently the movie has made a worldwide total of $120million from a budget of $21million.

#5-Hansel and Gretel:Witch Hunters has turned out to be a hit.Making $5.7million in its 3rd week ,the movie has made a domestic gross of just $43.8million from a budget of $50million.But its overseas collection has been strong.The movie has made $84million just from overseas ,putting the worldwide collections to $127.8million.

Tom Cruises' Top Gun 3D re-release turned out into a bitter disappointment.The movie made just $1.9million strengthening the notion that 3D re-releases might not be such a great idea.

Boosted by its overseas collection ,Skyfall & Hobbit are still making big bucks in the international market.Skyfall has made $1.094billion (#7 highest grossing movie all time) and Hobbit Part 1 is at $955million (#18 in the same list).

With Valentines around the corner ,Hollywood has lined up 4 interesting movies.One romantic drama ,one teenage fantasy ,one kids movie and one action packed thriller.My pick of the week will be---

1-Die Hard 5- A Good Day to Die Hard will have a tough sell this time.Headed by Bruce Willis ,this is a sequel to a series of tough as nails action movies.But on the down side its director,John Moore is having a bad run (MaxPayne ,Omen) ,and the Die Hard series always are at the border of being cliched and amazing.And also to be considered is the curse of the Expendables.So far all 3 action movies of the stars who acted in the movie have tanked ,will this effect Die Hard too? Whatever it is ,Die Hard seems to be the best option this week.This is MY PICK OF THE WEEK!

2-Beautiful Creatures ,is based on the novel of the same name ,and is in the same line as of Twilight series.Whether it will be as bad as the latter is yet to be seen ,but its undeniable that its catered to the female audience of below 18 years of age.The story is about 2 teenagers falling in love and uncovering their families dark secrets.

3-Safe Haven.Now this is the most standard romantic movie that you can expect to be released this week.Its based on a Nicholas Sparks novel (his novels have been made into movies such as Notebook,Walk to Remember,Dear John and so on).Since its based on his novels ,theres 2 things that are guaranteed - its going to be a cheesy movie and its going to be a hit among the female audience.The story is of a young woman who comes into town and starts a relationship with a store owner ,and dark secrets start to turn up. (dark secrets seem to be a favorite this week)

4-Escape From Planet Earth ,is the animated movie of the week ,and this is the one you MUST miss at all costs.Poorly marketed ,cheesy looks and animation is not so great either.This is a movie made for just one reason ,its the only family movie this week.Die Hard is rated R ,and Safe Haven & Beautiful Creatures are both PG13 ,which leaves Escape that seems to be the only option for families with little kids.Itll be worth it if you sit at home rather than watch this.
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