Monday, February 25, 2013

Identity claims top spot on dull week [Feb 22-24]

#1- Identity Theft claimed back its first spot on its 3rd week with $14million.While it isnt much impressive ,the movie got into first place just because everyone else failed better.The movie is so far the highest grossing movie of the year with $93.6million.

#2-The Rock starrer ,Snitch couldnt make much an impact either.Making just $13million ,it was good enough for just a second place on this poor week.Critically the movie has been getting average reviews.Rated at 54% ,the critics have given the thumbs up to Rock ,but a thumbs down to Snitch's story.

#3-Escape From Planet Earth somehow managed to hold up even with a strong negative buzz.The movie made $11million.Made at a budget of $40million ,the movie has managed to collect $34million so far.

#4-Safe Haven fell down one place to #4 making $10.6million.The romantic movie has survived the valentine week and has made so far $47.9million ,from a small budget of $2million ,so Safe Haven is quite safe at the box office.

#5-The biggest fall was of Die Hard 5.The movie made just $10million ,which is around a 60%drop.The poor reviews seem to be pulling this sequel down.With almost twice the collection of the domestic ,Die Hard 5 has so far made $184million from a $92million budget.

Next week ,4 new releases fight among each other for the top spot.
1- Jack the Giant Slayer.Although some fairytale reboots have made itself money ,none have actually made the critics happy.So could an established director such as Bryan Singer (X-Men 1,2) twist the case? The marketing is pretty quiet .And the visuals dont look too great either.But with Nicholas Hoult starring ,this might be the rare case that might actually work.So this is RJG's PICK OF THE WEEK.

2-21 & Over,is a pretty quiet in its promotional strategy.Theres barely anything much being said about this.And considering this is the last chance for producers to dump wasted movies ,this might not be worth a watch.But i think its a Project X type movie ,so if you liked that watch this one.

3-The Last Exorcism Part II, another horror movie claiming to be the last.Poor marketing and trailers have given the movie a negative buzz.Skip It

4-Last we have the crime thriller -Phantom.Ive never even heard about this one before writing this report! So its either so bad or something you have to wait for proper reviews before going to see this one.
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