Monday, January 14, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty makes a big surprise

Zero Dark Thirty makes a big surprise 

1-Even though Zero Dark Thirty has been playing in limited cinemas for a couple weeks since Christmas ,it opened nationwide on the weekend.And the movie has made $24million ,which is well above all expectations.After this weeks Oscar nominations ,ZDT managed to pick 5 nominations ,and this is one of the reasons for the movies great opening.The movie has been critically praised ,and Jessica Chastain has already won a Golden Globe for Best Actress for ZDT.The movie has a rating of 93%.

2-A Haunted House made a good opening too.With $18.8 million,Haunted House came 2nd.The movie has already been given the title of the Worst movie of 2013.With a rating of just 09% ,its been universally panned.But with a budget of $2.5million ,the movie is already reaping profits.

3-Gangster Squad opened below expectations with $16.7 million.Though stylish and action packed ,the movie was said to be suffering from a weak script and poor direction.With a rating of just 34% ,the movie will drop steeply in the coming days.

4-Django Unchained managed to make just $11million on its 3rd week.With this the movie has made $125million domestically ,making it Quentin's highest grossing movie in the US.

5-Les Miserables made $10million to bring its worldwide gross to $238million.The movie might have a good hold for the next couple weeks after Huge Jackman & Anne Hathaway's win at the Golden Globes.

Hobbit 1 has now made a worldwide total of $886million ,and has overtaken Fellowship of the Ring($869million). Next in line is Two Towers with $923million.

This week we have 4 different movies.My Pick Of the Week will be---

1-Silver Linings Playbook:This movie has been running in limited cinemas for a couple of weeks and it has racked up excellent reviews.Also this is the first movie in almost 30 years to get nominated in all 4 acting categories for the Oscars.Directed by David Russell (the Fighter) ,this is a comedy/romance/drama movie and has a rating of 91%.This is RJG's PICK OF THE WEEK

2-Mama is a horror movie produced by Guillermo del Toro.The story is about 2 girls who are found in the forest after their mother was murdered.No reviews are out for this movie but after seeing the short movie on which this movie was based on ,Mama might turn out to be good.

3-Broken City features A-List Actor ,Mark Wahlberg & Russel Crowe.Directed by Allen Hughes (Book of Eli) ,this is crime thriller.This looks like a movie with nothing great to offer ,its not being promoted very well either.No reviews out yet.

4-Finally we have The Last Stand ,which is action superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger's first lead movie after 2003's Terminator 3.This action movie is looking to make a big debut ,but it also looks like nothing new or innovative.No reviews out yet.
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