Monday, January 28, 2013

Witch Hunters grab the top spot

Witch Hunters grab the top spot


#1- Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters had a easy takeover the box office ,as it debuted with $19million.This is an average debut for a $50million and its fate is yet to decided.The movie is a gritty retelling of the classic childrens-tale.But as all gritty remakes of such tales ,this too isnt no better.Critics have panned the movie and is rated at 18%.

#2-Mama slipped by 55% to make $12.8million on its second week.With that this horror movie has already made a strong $48million and can easily beat last years top grossing horror movie ,Woman In Black ,by this weekend.

#3-Silver Linings held the 3rd spot as it fell by just 7% to make $10million.Made at a budget of $21million ,the romantic movie has made a worldwide gross of $86million and is still going strong.

#4-Zero Dark Thirty has started slipping down ,as it made just $9.8million.The momentum has been dipping slowing.The movie has made $77million worldwide so far ,and is set to be director Kathryn's highest grossing movie by this week.

#5-Jason Statham starrer Parker had a very poor start with $7million.The heist movie which is like any other Jason movie ,wasnt liked by critics either.The movie got a negative 37% and the critics say this is just like any other Jason Statham movie with a poor script and even more poorer heist.The movie is expected to tank as competition grows this week.

The third new release ,Movie 43 ,flopped with just $5million.But for a movie made at a small budget of $6million,this comedy has already made its cost.Reviews have been thoroughly negative and harsh ,and is rated at 05%.

Meanwhile ,Skyfall beat up Toy Story 3 & Pirates of the Caribbean2&4 as it rose up to #8 in the highest grossing movies worldwide list.The Bond movie has made $1.077billion and is still going at a strong pace.The next in line is The Dark Knight Rises with $1.081billion ,which will be an easy takeover for Skyfall.

Hobbit Part 1 has now grossed $939million and easily took over Lord Of The Rings:Two Towers.This has been a good run by the prequel, but much of the collection is from overseas ,and Hobbit ($293million) is yet to match upto the Lord of The Rings domestic collection ($313 ,$339 ,$377 million).

As we enter February ,there are 2 new movies this week.My pick of the week will be ---

1- Warm Bodies:Warm Bodies is a zombie romantic movie.Yes, i said romance.Strange as it is ,the movie looks like a sweet comedy movie.Warm Bodies is about a zombie that falls in love with a human.This is directed by Jonathan Levine ,who earlier directed another unique movie ,50/50.

2-The other new movie is Sylvester Stallone's Bullet To the Head.So far i have zero interest in this one ,and none of the trailers have made much of an impact.The movie is based on a graphic novel about a hitman & a cop who unite to bring down a gang.So far the movie has been getting average reviews and is currently rated at 63%.
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