Monday, January 07, 2013

Texas Chainsaw brings Hobbit & Django down

[Jan 4-6]
Texas Chainsaw brings Hobbit & Django down

1-Texas Chainsaw 3D made $23million to debut in the first place.The low budget horror movie was the top choice for the audience ,although it has been getting negative reviews.Currently rated at 21% ,Texas Chainsaw will soon be going down without leaving much of an impact.

2-Django Unchained kept its 2nd position from last week with $20million this week.The movie ,which has a budget of $100million ,has already made its production cost within 13 days.The movie is still going strong with the excellent reviews its been getting.Django is all set to be Quentin's highest grossing movie (Inglourious Basterds is currently his biggest domestic movie at $120million).

3-Hobbit continued to defy expectations as it still goes strong in its 4th week.It made $17.5million this week.With a strong overseas collection of $561million,Hobbit has made $824million worldwide since its release.The prequel to the Lord Of The Rings Series is set to overtake Fellowship Of The Rings ($869million) within 10days.

4-Les Miserables had a fall ,as it made $16million in its 2nd week.Les Miserables has made $103million domestically and has so far made $67million overseas.For a musical ,Les Miserables doing excellent business.The movie has made a worldwide gross of $170million from a budget of $61million.

5-Parental Guidance had an average fall as it made $9.3million.The movie has been a big hit for Fox Studios ,as it has already made $68million ,from its $25million budget.

2 other releases failed to make big numbers.Promised Land ,which stars Matt Damon made only $4.6million.The movie has been getting average reviews and is currently rated at 50%.
The tsunami based movie ,The Impossible ,made just $2.76million.But the movie has been a big hit overseas ,and has already made $67million.The movie is expected to rise up the charts ,once the awards season starts since Naomi Watts is expected to get some nominations for her acting.
Skyfall is now the #13th highest grossing movie of all time with $1.023billion.

This week we have 2 thrillers and one comedy.My pick of the week is 

Zero Dark Thirty- After her successful war movie The Hurt Locker ,Kathryn Bigelow is back with yet another war thriller.Based on the true story behind Bin Laden's capture ,ZDT has already made a big impact on the Awards Season.The movie has a solid 94% rating too.This will be my Pick Of The Week!

Gangster Squad-This movie was supposed to be released in July 2012 ,but after the Colorado shootings during TDKR's premiere ,Gangster Squad was postponed for its violence.The movie has a solid cast of Ryan Gosling (Drive),Sean Penn (Mystic River) ,Josh Brolin and Emma Stone.The movie is directed by Ruben Fleischer of Zombieland fame.

A Haunted House ,is a comedy/horror movie starring the Wayan.Its a spoof of recent horror flicks ,and is to be AVOIDED at all costs.If Marlon Wayan's past is checked ,its filled with idiotic movies and parodies and Haunted House trailers shows no difference.Save your money and watch something else.
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