Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nolan's next movie -INTERSTELLAR ?

Christopher Nolan being one of the best directors of all time,and after his ground breaking movies ,the public is awaiting his next project with bated breath.
Rumors have it that ,Christopher Nolan will tackle a sci-fi movie by the name of INTERSTELLAR next.
The story is said to be written by his brother Jonathan Nolan and is based on the scientific theories of Kip Thorne ,a astrophysicist.

The story will be about a group of explorers who travel through wormholes into different time dimensions.

This sounds like a movie ,Nolan usually tackles.His earlier movies have tackled different dimensions (Inception,Prestige).With Jonathan writing (He has written for Memento,Prestige,TDK ,TDKR) ,and being a science lover himself ,this might be Christopher Nolan's next big movie!

Kip Thorne's theories first led Steven Speilberg to make a movie about wormholes and explorers.In 2007,the story was written by Jonathan and now ,Christopher Nolan was said to take the project up.As of now it is unclear whether Steven will be involved in the movie or not.

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